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Blonde vs Brunette: I discovered exactly what guys truly choose on Tinder

Blonde vs Brunette: I discovered exactly what guys truly choose on Tinder

Blonde or brunette

It’s been a discussion that has raged providing online dating and sex are something.

We’ve all read the well-worn notion that boys prefer blondes, that blondes have more enjoyable etc.

Like somehow hair color dictates just how much you are going to enjoy life.

But, as an old organic blonde, I’ve never ever settled that much focus on all those things.

I’ve changed my hair colour regularly because chronilogical age of 15. Especially, as my pals posses pointed out, after a challenging break-up. Like an entire cliche.

Therefore, after the last end of a messy, very long on-off partnership in Oct, I altered my hair colour yet again – to brunette, for the first time.

I’d become gothic, ginger, scarlet, but never brown.

I happened to be very no-cost, most solitary and also a lot willing to mingle using my brand new brunette locks.

I’d tried internet dating apps throughout most ‘off’ duration of my personal above mentioned intimate entanglement. Then I’d been extremely blond, together with started pleasantly surprised by my success on it regarding information and schedules.

Would I’ve found close victory as brunette me personally?

It was time to place his ‘blondes are more effective’ concept to your finest examination.

That test was to happen on Tinder, the behemoth of dating software.

I decided to invest three days as a blonde on Tinder, and three days as a brunette to determine what form of me could have additional achievements.

Thus manage blondes really have more fun?

The rules

To help make this test as reasonable possible, I developed this amazing soil guidelines:

1) I would invest 3 days utilizing photos of me personally as each locks color 2) I would begin an entirely newer visibility each time, so my prior using Tinder ahead of the experiment wouldn’t influence results 3) attain a fair trial, I would swipe best 200 period for every single in the same area 4) i’dn’t message my personal fits initial as I planned to determine matches vs real folks conversing with me

And once those comprise chose, I found myself ready to have swipe-happy.


It’s my personal present tresses color, so it produced sense to begin with are brunette. I overflowing my personal visibility with a variety of photographs of simply me and photos with buddies, and an extremely simple bio with quite about myself and my own interests.

Fairly regular material really.

I then started swiping. Products began somewhat slow – in the beginning we just have a few suits through the 200 swipes. Towards the end on the 3 days this is just what I were left with:

I experienced 28 fits, which means I’d paired with 14 % of men and women I’d swiped right on.

However, best six of those then actually messaged me.

So, in conclusion, three per-cent of people I mentioned yes to made the decision they wished to chat me personally.

That wasn’t an encouraging statistic to start with, specifically as I hadn’t started selective.

So began the talks, and that I hate to state this nevertheless ended up being really tame event – extremely little of inadequately thought-out intimate innuendos, come-ons or requests for cock photos that Tinder became very well-known for.

Perhaps I couldn’t Buddhist dating apps reddit fault this lad’s friendliness:

Everyone loves obtaining flora, even virtual people. But or else, all quite unsatisfactory.

Used to do love this particular guy’s joke about my task too. Close work to get at discover myself.

But those are in all honesty the highlights.

Ended up being my personal hair color to blame?


After a rather muted enjoy as a brunette, I erased the profile and going again as a blonde.

I’d come blonde for almost all of my personal grown and teen lifestyle, thus I made certain to utilize pretty present blonde pictures of me, including college pictures, therefore get older wouldn’t getting too much of an aspect. We made use of the same bio as my brunette profile.

Then I going swiping.

The difference got unbelievably clear also it was actually immediate.

It actually was in fact a bit depressing.

I became practically getting a fit every single other swipe. It absolutely was ridiculous when compared to the brunette profile therefore took forever in order to get through 200 swipes considering that the It’s A Match! screen stored showing up.

Severely. Almost every other swipe.

It actually wasn’t simply an atmosphere often. It actually was mirrored specifically into the wide range of total fits We obtained across the three day years. I’d 101 fits, which means simply over half the males We swiped on swiped on me-too.

Towards the end for the three days, 20 of those males got sent me communications.

Very, 10 % of the exactly who matched with me finished up messaging me personally. That’s at least three times over while I had been brunette.

Not only that, however the Tinder we realize and like was released associated with the carpentry.

Inside the form, for example, within this beautifully crafted information:

He didn’t mince their words either:

I’m in no way certain just how that one have the effect I happened to be a ballbuster from my profile…I don’t render a practice of striking males during the testicle:

And perform i must say i appear like troubles?

But, it should getting stated, I happened to be creating an enjoyable experience being golden-haired.

Together With winner…

Was actually undeniably golden-haired myself. Without a shadow of a doubt.

After some expression, I came to the conclusion it may be related to whatever photographs we picked aswell – maybe my experiment had beenn’t because thoroughly clean because it could have been. Those of myself blond had been undoubtedly considerably attractive with an increase of images of myself on nights aside. In a single I’m clothed for Halloween and pulling a pose.

Maybe the men just who swiped right on me did so not really much because I happened to be gothic, but considerably because I became giving the feeling of myself personally having a great time?

What can I say? I was most likely more enjoyable at uni *sob*.

On the upside, I looked a lot more expected to select someone to has a real discussion with as I was brunette – like the man who was simply enthusiastic about my work.

Thus regardless if I wasn’t browsing posses as numerous fits with brown tresses, my personal odds of finding things more actual might-have-been higher (basically could find enough to actually talk with).

Which’s a comfort. In my opinion anyway.

As you understand what?

Screw the haters, regardless of whether you are blonde, brunette and on occasion even ginger.

If you feel your own hair color is actually fabulous, or should you decide don’t, you exactly like are your, after that whom cares what other men think.

The proper person will require to your as you as if you as well.

Inform us regarding the Rush Hour Crush by posting them right here, while could see your content posted on the internet site.

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