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Is actually Tinder lower? Tinder are a location-based social look mobile app that facilitat

Is actually Tinder lower? Tinder are a location-based social look mobile app that facilitat

No troubles found at Tinder

If you are having issues, kindly submit a written report below.

Upgraded 2 mins back: Tinder was a location-based social browse mobile app that encourages interaction between collectively curious users, permitting matched customers to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

Tinder trouble in the last day

Here data reveals how many reports that individuals have received about Tinder by time of day over the last day. An outage is set whenever the wide range of reports were higher than the standard, represented by yellow line.

At present, wen’t recognized any dilemmas at Tinder. Could you be experiencing problem or an outage? Create a note in the feedback section!

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Tinder Responses

Tinder Dilemmas Reports

  • corin (@corinboy) reported half an hour ago from Queens, nyc

pretentious believe account kids tinder complement from 6+ several months before doesn’t have problem publishing paul’s casablanca every fri seated sunlight..GET A LIFE!!

matty light ?? (@habituaIIy) reported one hour ago

wtf so is this tinder hot provides ****? never ever look for a match very only presume damaged af just like the application

Mention can’t be blank (@spectralsexual) reported one hour ago

Its fine dudes, my girlfriend will probably fix my tinder bio after tonight cheers tho

Laney (@ljleichter) reported 4 several hours ago

@lil_slacks wtf is the roommates reason? don’t she continue a tinder and weren’t they split up?

Master Ryben (@KingRyben) reported 4 time ago

@sieyonara That’s the situation with tinder

herovit (@markwesley_) reported 5 days back

Mediocre lady with tinder are problem.

verge_ebooks (@vveerrggee) reported 6 many hours ago

Till today: operating from Tinder across Android and iphone 3gs

Suicide prey (@PricklyPerineum) reported 8 many hours ago

@IiIianaI *meets a lovely «girl» on tinder* girl I will sacrifice all 12 of my little ones and my partner individually bby i am just not stating I would try this. that it’s an American issue

Niamh (@itsniamhhhhhmac) reported 9 many hours ago

in the point in lifetime i’m coordinating with individuals elderly 25-30 on tinder for the expectations of achieving some security and that I can confirm it is far from working however, one wise me he’d come chucked out their flat and requested if i know any individual leasing, i’ll modify again in some months xx

Em (@emilysarap) reported 9 several hours ago

Do I need to start messaging guys on tinder “i really want you to find out that i don’t have a problem with you” or “I’m perhaps not scared of you anymore”

kemor (@kemor_ssbm) reported 9 hrs ago

@SlothFruitIwe @Tinder im the only reasons your cardiovascular system is working

Jay Lionel (@JayLionel7) reported 10 hrs in the past

@MeidasTouch Incel tinder is not operating, clearly.

Adam H (@AdamH86_Abdn) reported 10 hrs before

@mouldyscone i possibly couldn’t be arsed utilizing the tension of continuously being required to fulfill new people with no guarantee from it working-out At some point I had over 300 suits on Tinder however 99% of these we either would not consult with, or discussions moved no place

?sean || SIZES: ISSUE (@enha_sean) reported 10 hrs back

bcz of the mf kaya lumalala depend on problem dito sa stan twt. bro head to tinder if that’s what you want, silly.

BlueInk?????? (@ThisisBlueInk) reported 12 many hours ago

@ProjectStev @Warepamorsammy Is tinder in Nigeria?

Ebby (Spooky Baphomet Prophetess ) (@anitapam22) reported 12 time ago

What degree of meta fuckery free Spanish online dating can it be once you keep in touch with the person you probably like on how tinder is hell on the planet?! My life are a comedy of mistakes.

Anyways, I made the decision to place my *** all the way down and never seek out difficulty any longer. Hindi na po ako gagamit ng omegle, snapchat, tinder and other internet dating programs ?????

Undertaking (@TeamClickThis) reported 18 time ago

@asvpXVIIwe better, I’m able to notice it both ways, I mean yeah a bit weird for sure but they waited, therefore if the girl are 18 then where’s the challenge technically. I mean you’ll download tinder your day you’re 18 as well and acquire as a result of businesses if you would like correct? It’s a little bit of a grey room imo

Haricot Vert (@harrycovair) reported 21 time ago

@Terrysagirl @CNNTravel fireplaces are how certain Pines propagate. It would be a shame if G3n Sh2rman got badly burnt. The root system must disseminate much, wide, and deep. Those 3v3rglad3s fireplaces continuously burn off underground. That peet m0ss acts as a tinder for a slow burn.

The Meme Tales (@thememetales) reported 21 days ago

I begun having trust problem while I saw a pal of my own on Tinder in which he is focused on his lady! Bruh..

F.M.A.W ?? (@Fame_Mindset) reported 21 days ago

@Tinder can you correct your own software therefore I could report men for harassment and dangerous actions? This can be actually like a casino game of cat and mouse we try and document she unmatches and consult with myself in fast chat

Huntsman (@MartelloDaniel) reported 22 hrs ago

@shane_riordan Tinder’s not working for your family?

?????????? ???? ??? (@eIectras) reported last night

do guys present and their cute pets for tinder photos cause they hope you will be corrupted of the pup sight and swipe right….cause it could be operating

tee ?? (@mitsuriwannabe) reported yesterday

on a daily basis i open my personal silly small tinder and carry out my personal foolish little flirting and retire for the night broken-hearted because imagine if i never ever find the loml

Trevor (@xtrackerx) reported past

Today, my vehicle died on me personally for the next time in around a couple of years. I am at long last broken. I will be out-of feelings. You will find a Tinder date in two many hours.

Identity can not be Blank (@morpheousx14) reported last night

I’m not any longer pursuing shallow, I’m merely going on Tinder with a picture of my car, my lender balances and my wages. Difficulty fixed.

Bicurious George (@bicurlousgeorge) reported yesterday

@Tinder is actually busted

Huge handbags of soups carrier (@Robbie_gr) reported past

@Conley76 @Athens_Grease The problem throughout the very popular software (especially tinder) is that lots of people on there are simply just searching for activity without any purpose of really fulfilling.

Mad Dawg (@madeline_lorch) reported yesterday

@anna_chambers_ this as soon as you see an automible man on tinder and chat him right up long enough for him to correct it for your family. next ghost.

Stan profile (@bestlegsinjhb) reported past

Men please pray personally Tinder isn’t functioning, so I’m attending need to go. Outside

Understandingn’t functioning?

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