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Architects in many cases are slammed to get also slow whenever building the entire architecture within enterprise.

Architects in many cases are slammed to get also slow whenever building the entire architecture within enterprise.

When their own total architecture is finished they usually are criticized, because it’s difficult to read, hard to make use of and the top-notch the architecture is certainly not acceptable.

How these problems is likely to be solved in the Swedish Board of farming (SBA) try explained in this article. During an architectural quest we slowly learned how exactly to work with business Architecture (EA) in a new way. The main reason is big program (ProCAP) with plenty of anxiety, quick variations and strong deadlines. The answer was actually Agile EA.

By mixing nimble methods with more traditional EA efforts, we now have located a method to be successful Country dating review developing the EA complete centered on recent wants – although we help and be involved in the program’s tasks.

Many crucial victory points come into location at SBA; some as a result of hard work and some by fortunate conditions in our atmosphere. The agile developing strategy Scrum was the standard development strategy used. For the really ambitious program ProCAP, Scrum happens to be successfully connected with the EA.

Agile EA can be used in practise managing both iterative advancement of the EA and leading and giving support to the improvement latest IT options.

This challenging system at SBA can be considered to be a global breakthrough to realize a nimble EA in Practice.

Dining table of articles

  1. Introduction1.1 The EA means 1.2 The Swedish Board of Agriculture 1.3 The challenging regimen ProCAP
  2. In theory2.1 Business Design 2.2 The Agile approach – Scrum
  3. In practice3.1 The EA strategy at the Swedish Board of Agriculture 3.2 The Agile EA method
  4. Summary of additional challenges4.1 Pros accomplished with Agile EA 4.2 Critical profits aspects 4.3 problems
  5. Regarding authors
  6. Sources


The EA means

To take care of today’s changes we create a standard business design based on a well balanced basis. The details resource is such a well balanced base. It does not change really even if the organization, business innovation fabric, or even the business procedures changes. Facts Management – how a company deals with details – produces ideas offered as a resource used in operation steps and company development material. Formulate a company technique that enables an unbarred exchange of related, meaningful and helpful ideas.

The majority of solutions to contemplating an enterprise in an alternative ways incorporate abstractions and the use of metaphors. The metaphor we incorporate is the companies as a city to get in the pipeline. An urban area program pulls up an organized plan of lasting areas or places as whenever Baron Haussmann redesigned Paris in the nineteenth 100 years. Our areas within the business derive from secure and lasting details teams.

The purpose of this EA method is always to restructure business as well as their IT approaches to are more effective, robust, and incorporated. Whenever integrating with Scrum, an agile developing method, an Agile EA means in practice are attained.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture

The Swedish panel of Agriculture is the Swedish Government’s specialist power when you look at the agro-food sector. This means that the panel of Agriculture tracks and analyses the growth within industry and put into action linked governmental behavior.

The Swedish panel of farming produces delicacies generation this is certainly competitive, adapted to environmental and animal benefit concerns, and therefore pros consumers. The political behavior may change occasionally drastically and with small notice. To deal with these variations is a huge challenge.

The ambitious regimen – ProCAP

In order to comprehend the background of our own architectural trip at SBA, we start off with a go Brussels while the eu. Every 7th decades, a lasting funds was included. The existing resources cycle try 2014 to 2020. The Common Agricultural coverage (cover) is the reason approximately half associated with the resources therefore it may be thought your agricultural coverage will likely be reformed before a budget years.

At SBA we thus learn age beforehand that a change is found on just how; though we don’t know any info. The circumstances include thus: we don’t know very well what to-do; we don’t see when you should feel complete. Late conclusion and fast changes tend to be a regular challenge. We had to start out preparing for the change modifications and an agile approach turned into one of the prerequisites if you are capable handle the task. The cover change include three newer plan programs. In 2012 SBA starts the program ProCAP to organize for and implement limit in Sweden. ProCAP is divided into three biggest projects; Business formula and operations, they Development and businesses Change. These significant jobs were sustained by knowledge in Enterprise Architecture, strategies and Suggestions Security.

For the reason that three brand new plan tools in cover to-be applied, the need for a fresh latest IT system (the history techniques are from the 90-ties and also have issues to generally meet new customers requires) and an ambition to get an alternative means on companies change, company steps, company procedures and IT expertise, the ProCAP is a big undertaking including over 400 individuals with spending budget of 530 000 days with a calculated price of 30 billion Euros. This program ended up being started in March 2012 and is also planned to be completed Q1 2016. During this time period around 10 brand new IT-systems might be produced.

This very big system try was able from the head designer, while in the system changed by another individual inside the structure part. This gives a good comprehension and assistance through the system control into architecture personnel.

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